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Your Guide to Black & White Wedding Photography

Since the advent of the film, the debate about the merits of the black and white photographs versus their colour counterparts have always raged. It is important to note that black & white wedding photography have been used throughout the ages to communicate certain powerful feelings and emotions that are unequalled. A sizable chunk of wedding photographers and fine artists still use the black and white film for several reasons which include.

It is considered romantic, special and classic

Black & white wedding photography is seen as elegant and remarkably classic hence it remains the favourite of many weddings. Black and white photos have a certain quality that is highly refined. The photographs are also uncluttered, simple and offer the subject a high-class polished appeal that is quite rare in colour photos. Colour tends to distract most people therefore black and white photos beckons to the viewer to recognize the uniqueness and individuality of the subject.

It has long been accepted that black and white images produce the most romantic pictures due to their ability to bring out such feeling and emotions. Brides know that there is a special effect that is brought out by black and white photographs that can not be captured in colour films. One of the globally renowned romantic photographs is that of a sailor kissing a nurse which was done years ago in black and white and still remain a best seller to date.

The simplicity of black and white assists you to focus on important details

Black and white pictures have a way of reducing the distraction of colour and forcing the viewer to concentrate on the important issues such as pattern, form and shading. Black & white wedding photography tend to shift the viewer’s attention to lines and shape that brings the best in the subject involved. It is often easier to notice lines, patterns and shapes with black and white photographs since these details are more emphasized in the picture unlike in colour photos.

Black and white pictures ideal for portraits and preserving memories

Black and white works perfectly for portraits since skin tones are mellowed while blemishes, uneven shading and blotches appear less prominent than in colour pictures. Black and white wedding portraits and photography hides the facial blemishes which can be picked in colour by a critical eye. Black & white wedding photography assists to hide the strain that might show on the faces of the couple due to the long sleepless nights spent in planning for the big day. Black and white images conceal embarrassing details which might otherwise spoil pictures taken on an important day showing blotches and red irritations.

Black and white images can last for hundreds of years without fading. This is why the only well-preserved photographs that grandparents have of their wedding day tends to be black and white. You will be surprised to notice that the happy faces of your ancestors are brimming with excitement and joy felt on that material day hundreds of years ago. Black & white wedding photography are the best bet for the archives since they do not degenerate, unlike colour photos which begin to show signs of fading by the time they are 50 years old even when they are well preserved.

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