Top Ten Wedding Photographers in Wellington

Wellington Wedding Photographers

Top Ten Best WellingtonWedding Photographers

Are you engaged and looking for the best Wellington wedding photographers for your wedding day? We have found some of the very best photographers in Christchurch that do some amazing work. And they just might be perfect for you and your wedding.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on your wild wedding adventure is selecting an amazing Christchurch wedding photographer. Your wedding photos could be the only visual memory you have of your wedding day in years to come. As a result, you have to choose a wedding photographer that will not only produce wonderful images but also provide you with a friendly, relaxed, and fun photographic experience as well.

As a result, we’ve compiled a collection of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch. Also, keep in mind that each Christchurch wedding photographer has their own distinct style and personality. So pick someone who shares your sense of style, vision, and personality. Not every couple is a good fit for every photographer. Take a look at their portfolio, examine their work, and follow them on social media to discover whether you’re a good fit. But with this list of the finest Christchurch wedding photographers, you should be well on your way to planning an unforgettable wedding day!!

1. David Le

Wellington wedding photographers

David Le is a wedding photographer in Wellington.  He works out of Palmerston North and travels all over both islands in New Zealand.  David will also travel to any destination wedding, on request.  His style is a mix of storytelling, photojournalism and lifestyle and he also delves in creating portraits that you will want to display in your first home together.   He looks for honest and candid moments and will go above and beyond to ensure your day goes off without a hitch by stepping in to provide direction when needed.

David captures images that tell your love story as it unfolds and he will ensure that he gets all those special spontaneous moments that will mean the world to you.  He is not into the posed or staged style but rather into the authentic, free and fun-filled moments, and always trying to keep everything real and in the moment.  His aesthetic is uncomplicated and he will try to avoid fads and provide you will timeless photos that you will treasure forevermore.

His work has been featured on various wedding sites and in magazines in New Zealand.  If you are looking for a photographer who is into fun, look no further than David Le.

2. Fineline Photography

Wellington wedding photographers

Larissa, owner of Fineline Photography has a unique style that is all about romance.  He is passionate about wedding photography and has shot hundreds of weddings over the years. 

Larissa seeks to capture moments as they unfold throughout the day in the most simple and organic way.  He believes that every couple is unique in essence and personality and he tries to portray this in the best light.  He loves to focus on the romance, emotions and spontaneity of the day.

Remember that a photo speaks a thousand words, so be natural, be free, be anything you want to be and put your trust in Larissa to capture images that you will treasure forever.

3. Lucy Li Photography

Wellington wedding photographers

Lucy Li is a wedding photographer based in Wellington and is one of the best Wellington wedding photographers. Lucy was originally from London but has been in New Zealand for the past 2 years where she shoots wedding photography.  Her work is like a piece of art and it is often featured in wedding magazines in New Zealand.

Lucy would love to capture your special day in an artistic but creative way and will present you with your fairy tale wedding portfolio as it unfolds for you to treasure forever.  She is incredibly relaxed and loves all the emotions that flow through the day.  She is also flexible and travels throughout the country, climbing cliffs if she needs to or getting on a plane to venture out to the most beautiful part of New Zealand that is inaccessible by any other means.

4. Auburn Photography

Wellington wedding photographers

Jess, the owner of Auburn Photography, is a wedding videographer and photographer in Wellington where she is based.  She loves capturing the raw emotions of the day.  She is a visual photographer and the photos she takes are a reflection of the magic that takes place in the moment. She just captures that feeling and when you look at her photos, you can actually relive the moment as if it was your wedding day again.

Jess is a very relaxed person and lives life as it comes.  She loves having fun and is just so passionate about photography and calls it an honour to be able to shoot your wedding.  Nothing will faze her as she takes everything in her stride, so trust in her and let her do what she does best.

Jess enjoys the spontaneity of each couple and their own essence. She is capable of adapting to changes that take place throughout the day.  She loves adventures and would love to get to know all about you as a couple so that she can portray your love story just the way you like it to be told.  She is creative and draws inspiration from everything and everyone around her hence will capture images that are romantic, real and meaningful.

5. Rainer Macalister Photography

Wellington wedding photographers

Rainer, owner of Rainer Macalister Photography is a wedding photographer in Wellington where he is based.  He will, however, travel throughout the whole country and not charge you extra for it.  Rainer specialises in innate, impromptu wedding photography and has also been working with an experienced videography team for the last three years.  This team can be used as an add-on to your wedding photography package or it can be standalone recruitment. 

Rainer just absolutely loves weddings days, as it is so full of fun, laughter and tears of happiness.  Each couple is different in every way and each wedding is unique in its own right.  Rainer loves to capture your once-in-a-lifetime wedding and will have lots of fun doing it.

His style is authentic and real and in the moment and he will capture your love story as the day unfolds with no preconceived idea of what to do next.  Everything and everyone and what is happening in the moment will guide him.   He loves to capture the personality and love that shines through on the day without any posed or staged moments.

6. WeDo Photography

Jason and Aneta, a husband and wife wedding photography team of WeDo Photography are based in Wellington.  This is your ‘just about all-in-one’ wedding photography team.  They will look after your wedding stationery from designing to the printing of invitations, the timeline of your wedding day, thank you cards and anything else you might have in mind like maybe place cards for your wedding reception.  

They have a passion for weddings and they see the world from a different angle to everyone else, so will be creative in photographing your special day with lots of personal touches. They will even take risks in the way they craft your day as it unfolds with daring and creative photojournalism.  They are far from the norm, so you have to be brave to trust them in doing what they do best.  You will be surprised with the end result of the magical memoir they will present to you – daring, different and amazing.  This is something you do not find with a traditional wedding photographer.

To top it all, they have a vintage 1973 VW Kombi that serves as a photo booth, should you decide to have one.

7. Yvonne Liew Photography

Yvonne, the owner of Yvonne Liew Photography is a wedding photographer based in Wellington but will travel just about anywhere.  Her style of photography allows you to be just you.  You are your own person.  Her style is a mix of documentary mixed with classic portraiture.  It is fun, natural and very creative.

With a background in Visual Communication, Yvonne was a graphic designer for a few years before going overseas.  On her return to New Zealand, she rekindled her passion for photography, now specialising mostly in weddings. 

She is an innovative, and creative photographer who reflects authenticity in her work.  Her goal is to capture the essence of each couple.  She documents the events of your special day as it unfolds as if it were her own.  The emotions and feelings of your special day are her main focus and she has a balance between emotion, composition and light depicted in her photos.  She loves to work with light, especially the golden evening hour light that is purely magical. She just loves to capture the feeling and romance during this golden hour.

8. Billie Brooke Photography

Billie, the owner of Billie Brooke Photography is a wedding photographer based in Wellington.  She is in love with love and to be able to photograph your wedding day is an honour for her to be chosen.  She will travel both nationally and internationally.

Every wedding is different and is full of stories and memories to be captured. They bring people together in a way that ignites love, laughter, joy and tears.  Billie is a committed and professional photographer. In her photos, she offers a compendium of unique memories that promises great emotions.  With her high level of understanding of creative photography, she knows how to capture special moments that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Billie has been photographing for over 10 years and thrives on her passion for meeting new people, going to new places and experiencing the different cultures.

Billie knows how to strike the perfect balance between capturing the best photos without compromising on anything else and is always unobtrusive.  Not only will you enjoy working with her, but the end result of her work will unsurpass all your expectations. 

9. Patina Photo

Michelle and Hemi are the owners of Patina Photo.  They are based in Wellington and their greatest joy on earth is to capture weddings with memories that are adored and that will be treasured forever, to be relived over and over again as if it was like a time machine.

Michelle and Hemi are also as videographers who travel throughout New Zealand, capturing the greatest moments of your life.  They are all about giving you the most amazing experience you will have in your life with the people you love and who love you back, the joy of the amalgamation of two lives together forever, the fantastic venue, the food, the laughter and tears of joy.  They are very experienced in capturing every instant expression that takes place without you even knowing they are there.  That natural expression they capture comes from the soul and is in that moment.  It cannot be recreated afterwards.

Together, they have won many awards both in Australia and New Zealand and they are there amongst the top 10 photographers in Australia and New Zealand as well as being New Zealand Photographer of the Year.  These awards speak for themselves; so don’t hesitate to give them your serious consideration.

10. Kent Chua Photographer

Kent Chua is a wedding photographer in Wellington where he is based.  He loves adventure and travel and hence can be booked for weddings anywhere. 

If you love natural and fun-filled moments, then Kent is the man for the job.  He is a legend at knowing how to expose the organic.  His photos are very natural, bright, and with great harmony in the expression of his colours. He is very quick in capturing every instant expression of you and your wedding party as the day unfolds itself.  He doesn’t usually preplan anything but rather goes with the flow and make the best of turning every ordinary situation into an extraordinary photoshoot.  His mission is to leave you with an everlasting impression of his work.  His photos are unique and reflect a lot of love and romance. He seeks to capture the spontaneous moments in his images.

Highly Commended Wellington Wedding Photographers

There are also a number of wonderful photographers who didn’t quite make it into our top ten list of Wellington wedding photographers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing photographers who do fantastic work. So check out this list of other wedding photographers in Wellington that might just be perfect for you and your wedding.

Sarah McEvoy Photography

Sarah, the owner of Sarah McEvoy Photography is a wedding photographer in Wellington.  She has been photographing weddings since 2016 and is just so passionate about it.  It allows her to apply her creativity through photojournalism.

She loves capturing the day as it unfolds without any expectations but to go with the flow and capture the essence of each moment.  She works out of Wellington but will travel to any beautiful destination in New Zealand.

What Sarah loves about weddings are the happiness, the laughter, the hugs and all the moments that blow your mind away.  She endeavours to capture all these moments without being obtrusive.  You will see her here, there and everywhere but she will never be in your way.  Allow her to do her job and she will surprise you with a compendium of images that you will treasure forever.