Top Ten Wedding Photographers in Queenstown

Queenstown Wedding Photographers

Top Ten Best Queenstown Wedding Photographers

Are you searching the internet to find the best wedding photographers in Queenstown New Zealand? Well, you have come to the right place. We are passionate professionals who absolutely love wedding photography and we have found the very best Queenstown wedding photographers who just might be perfect for your wedding day.

Choosing an awesome Queenstownwedding photographer for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you have to make on your crazy wedding journey. Your wedding photos may be the only tangible memory from your wedding day. So it is so important to choose a wedding photographer who will not only take amazing photos but also give you a photography experience that is friendly, professional, and just plain amazing.

So here is our list of the best Queenstown wedding photographers. And please remember that Queenstown wedding photographers all have different styles and personalities. So choose someone whose style, vision, and personality match yours. Not every photographer is the right fit for every couple. Have a look through their portfolio, study their work and stalk them a bit on social media and see if you might be a good fit. But this list of the best Queenstown wedding photographers should get you well on your way to an amazing wedding day!!

1. Pollard We Are

Jim and Vicky Pollard, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Queenstown has a vast knowledge of the local weather in New Zealand.  They know the country and landscape well and can assist in locating the best backdrop for an unforgettable wedding shoot.  Their photos are distinguished by having by a balance of emotions, composition and the correct use of lighting. They are passionate about adventure and showcasing reality and authenticity. Shooting weddings are their calling in life and they love people, travel, adventure and the environment. 

With their charismatic and relaxed approach puts couples at ease so that they can easily let go, be themselves and enjoy their special day, knowing that they can trust the photographer to do what they do best.  The Pollards, in return, will go above and beyond to capture your love story as it unfolds, ensuring that the end result presents itself with a lux finish that you will forever.

Jim and Vicky have been documenting hundreds of incredible weddings worldwide.  They have built themselves a solid award-winning reputation for their distinct and emotional display in their photos that seem to come alive when you look at them.  They ensure that their images are captured with a careful eye and a truthful approach, and can reflect the mood and atmosphere of that moment in time.

2. FelixImage

With vast experience at capturing raw, genuine moments in a relaxed, romantic and natural way with all the details that are important to you, Felix the owner of FelixImage is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown.  He is artistic, creative and candid in his approach and has a studio that serves well for getting ready with services like wedding wear hiring plus hairstyling and makeup.

Felix was born in China but now lives in Queenstown.  He has been capturing weddings since 2015 and his work has often been featured in Asian magazines and television.  His clientele includes Asian celebrities and influencers.  He has won photography merit awards in UK and NZ.

Felix is passionate about wedding photography and believes that his photos are like a time machine that can transport you back to that moment in time of your wedding day.  This is an heirloom to be handed down through generations for them to cherish and to experience the day when the couple was joined together as husband and wife.  The generations after can feel the happiness, the joy, the spontaneous moments showcasing the love between the couple, not to mention the friends and relatives who play a big part on the occasion.  Many people are proud of their ancestry and they relate well to knowing so much about them in this time machine depicted only in photos that speaks a thousand words.

3. Rich Bayley Photography

If you are looking for authentic magical images for your wedding day, then Rich Bayley is the man for you.  Rich is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown.  When you hire him, you are hiring more than a photographer.  He will be there to ensure that you stick to your timeline, he will make you feel relaxed and ensure that you look great at all times.  He can recommend suppliers and he has the knowledge of the most breathtaking locations to choose from for your wedding shoot.  Not only is he laid back but he will crack jokes and make you laugh hence unstressing everyone and making the day fun and relaxing.

Rich is very creative and he will capture all the great and spontaneous moments of the day as it unfolds.  He is someone who will go above and beyond to ensure that day is full of fun and excitement and he will document it in such a way that the end result will be nothing short of spectacular.  His images speak to you and you and all those who view your portfolio will be absolutely blown away with

how he made your vision come true with his magical but authentic work that will be reassured for generations to come.

4. Emily Adamson Photography

Emily Adamson is a wedding photographer based near Queenstown.  However, she will travel all over New Zealand for her work.  She has been a capturing wedding for the past 7 years and her style of work is documentary which is award-winning.

Often driven by her emotions and sense of humour, she enjoys capturing wedding as it unfolds in a candid way.  She captures your wedding as if it was her own and she has the knack of making everyone feel at ease.  She will be there with the crowd and yet you will not notice her presence, as she is very unobtrusive.

Her work has been acknowledged for its ease and style and has since attracted couples looking for imagery that carries a relaxed, sentimental beauty that captures spontaneous unexpected moments as they occur.  When you look at the portfolio, you will see photos that even you did not even realise she was there taking photos.  These in-between moments are the ones that are the most beautiful.  It depicts the reality and beauty of the situation, the special glance you give each other, the unexpected kiss, the tears of joy, the surprise of seeing someone you have not seen for ages and all the little things you did not have time to notice on your wedding.

5. Andy Brown

If you are looking for a documentary style wedding photographer in Queenstown who tells the story like it is, real and unscripted, look no further than Andy Brown. He is relaxed and in the moment and he will capture each moment, both big and small, with an eye for detail accompanied by tremendous creativity style.  What he presents to you in your portfolio will be something you never ever expected but will be unsurpassed by all.  

You should allow yourself to be the bride and groom on your wedding day, without a care in the world and trust Andy to do his job. He will capture amazing photos for you to display on your wall with visual narratives and he will record wild and unexpected moments for you, your friends and your family to treasure for years to come.  His images will speak of the real you, the unspoken glances, the tears of joy and the essence of your personalities.  The images depict the mood, the atmosphere, the energy in the room, the laughter and the connection between people and most of all, the events of the day as it unfolds on your fairy tale wedding day.

Your wedding day comes and goes in a flash but the memories recorded will allow you to revisit this time over and over again like a time machine.

6. Kellie Francis

Kellie is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown but will travel to any part of the world.  Her aspiration is to capture moments that tell your true love story hence she will try and get to know all about you before your wedding day.

Her inspiration though comes from the amazing love stories he hears, the clever use of light and the breathtaking beauty of this amazing world we live in.  A photo speaks a thousand words and Kellie’s photos depict just that.  It is alive and real.  It actually speaks to you as if you were actually present in the photo.

Her style is organic with a storytelling approach.  She will document images as the day unfolds with no preconceived idea of what is to come.  She might give you a nudge here and there but she is not there to tell you what to do.  It is all about the true atmosphere, the real emotions that pour out and the spontaneity of the moment. 

Her passion is travel adventure, people, different cultures and of course wedding photography; so if you have an epic adventure in mind, give her a call.

7. James Hirata

James Hirata is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown and has been photographing weddings since 2012.  He started his wedding photography in Wellington but will now only travel within the Queenstown Local District.

James has a team of wedding planners, photographers and videographers working with him as a team.  He is proud to say that he has an award-winning team.  James is the head planner, photographer and videographer and works with the help of a second shooter.

James offers Helicopter wedding and elopement packages as well as videography. When you hire him for a helicopter session, he will fly you to the most stunning places like on top of a snow-covered mountaintop or if there is no snow, he will take you to the top of a glacier.  15 guests are permitted on the helicopter and additional helicopters can be hired for more guests

James tends to be relaxed and candid and guides his clients to be laid-back and have fun at their wedding and not have a care in the world.  Just trust your photographer to do what he does best. 

8. Kate Craig-Brown Photography

Kate is a wedding photographer who was born and raised in Queenstown where she is based.  However, she will travel to anywhere in the world for weddings, on request.

She loves this beautiful country of New Zealand, the connections with people, love and the love stories that come with her connection with couples in love. So don’t be shy and let her know all about the real love between the two of you and let her take you on an adventure in this raw and stunning landscape in New Zealand and wherever you wish to go.

When you are in love, it is the start of the best journey on earth and her photos will show this off together with the true essence of your personalities as you interact with your families and friends and with each other. Your unique love story should be celebrated in style and documented so that you can relive it again and again.

9. Dawn Thomson

On your wedding day, you should get away from the normal everyday life and perhaps be daring enough to dream of a far distant breathtaking place just waiting to be discovered.  You want to celebrate your love in a way that a different from other couples.  You want it to be an epic adventure that depicts who you really are deep down inside.  This will be an adventure that will be etched in your mind forever.  This is how you should remember your wedding day, an unforgettable raw emotional day where you are not afraid to let your guard down and share intimate moments you would not share when you are within range of prying eyes.

If this is the case, you need a wedding photographer like Dawn.  Dawn is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown.  She has a background in fine art, portraiture, fashion and photo telling. Her photography is natural, stylish, wild and romantic. Her intention is to create images that that is so real that they speak back to you as if you are transported in time each time you look at these photos. She is authentic in what she documents as your amazing day unfolds.  She looks into the soul that reveals a thousand things that cannot be recaptured once it is gone.  However, it can be relived in her style of photography.  She loves to employ a balance of emotion, composition, raw emotions and the clever use of light to create artful imagery that springs to life in her images.

10. Larsson

Fredrik, owner of Larsson Photography is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown.  He has been photographing weddings in New Zealand for over 17 years and has well over 1000 weddings under his belt.  His images are authentic and priceless.  They look good now and are like artwork that will never lose its value. 

Fredrik is one of the top photographers in New Zealand and was ranked number two in The Top 10 Wedding photographers in World, by One Eyeland in 2017 as well as over 100 other awards since 2009.

His photography allows things to unfold naturally through the day and will also ensure you get the award-winning shoots with breathtaking views and epic landscapes that Queenstown has to offer.  Every photo is carefully curated, every artist is extensively reviewed and every natural light put to amazing use.  Fredrik has a minimalist style showcasing emotions as they happen in the most natural way.

Most of all, you can depend on him to be reliable and consistent and to handle difficult situations in his stride should they arise. Your wedding day will flow

without a hitch with him around.  If you want to get to the top of an inaccessible location, Fredrik owns Heli Weddings and they will fly you to the most stunning location that most people have not even ventured to see.

Highly Commended Queenstown Wedding Photographers

There are also a number of wonderful photographers who didn’t quite make it into our top ten list of Auckland wedding photographers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing photographers who do fantastic work. So check out this list of other wedding photographers in Auckland that might just be perfect for you and your wedding.

Aiste Photography

Aiste Vasileviciutea a wedding photographer based in Queenstown is originally from Lithuania but now lives in New Zealand.  She feels blessed living in a country with such breathtaking sceneries and cannot wait to share it with couples wishing to get married here.  She has been shooting weddings since 2008.

Being relaxed and organic herself, she will capture your special day with great honesty showing off the real you in the moment, just as you are without being obtrusive.  She might give you a nudge every now and then but the rest is up to you, so be a bride or groom and enjoy the day.  It is a day when you should enjoy yourself and leave the worry to those you have engaged for the event.  Aiste can then capture the essence of you, your true personalities, your raw emotions and the real you at ease interacting with your families and friends. She will capture the day as it unfolds with images to tell your true love story, as you would like to portray it to your families and friends.