Top Ten Wedding Photographers in Christchurch

Christchurch Wedding Photographers

Top Ten Best ChristchurchWedding Photographers

Are you engaged and looking for the best Christchurch wedding photographers for your wedding day? We have found some of the very best photographers in Christchurch that do some amazing work. And they just might be perfect for you and your wedding.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on your wild wedding adventure is selecting an amazing Christchurch wedding photographer. Your wedding photos could be the only visual memory you have of your wedding day in years to come. As a result, you have to choose a wedding photographer that will not only produce wonderful images but also provide you with a friendly, relaxed, and fun photographic experience as well.

As a result, we’ve compiled a collection of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch. Also, keep in mind that each Christchurch wedding photographer has their own distinct style and personality. So pick someone who shares your sense of style, vision, and personality. Not every couple is a good fit for every photographer. Take a look at their portfolio, examine their work, and follow them on social media to discover whether you’re a good fit. But with this list of the finest Christchurch wedding photographers, you should be well on your way to planning an unforgettable wedding day!!

1. MSM Photography

Christchurch wedding photographers

Family oriented Martin Setunsky of MSM Photography has a diploma in digital photography under his belt.  He has lived in New Zealand since 2012 and is one of the best Christchurch photographers in New Zealand.  His photography business dates back many years prior to his arrival in Christchurch where he is based. Doing what you love is the most rewarding career anyone can have and if you love what you do, it becomes just like a hobby.  Wedding photography is all about happiness and dreams come true and brings nothing but joy, celebrations, laughter and tears of joy.  Wedding photography is one of Martin’s hobbies.  He also loves travelling and will travel anywhere in New Zealand and to the other side of the world to shoot a wedding.  He often photographs weddings in Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Queenstown and Wanaka.

Your wedding day is the start of the biggest day of your life and Martin will capture each moment as it unfolds in a beautiful and effortless way than you can ever imagine. Martin aims for genuine movement, true emotions with an outstanding narrative for the unspoken and unimagined.  So if you are looking for an epic love story of your special day told in the most uncompromising way, look no further than Martin Setunsky.  He will give you something you will treasure for years to come.

2. Krystlle Photography

Christchurch wedding photographers

Krystle, owner of Krystle Photography is always relaxed, full of beams and a pleasure to have around.  She has been a wedding photographer for the past 12 years.  Her style is natural and relaxed and in the moment.  She is not into awkward poses.  She would rather you just enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and be yourself whilst letting her capture your love story as it unfolds throughout the day through her creative and artistic ways.  

What she captures on her camera is there forever.  Her images will showcase little spur of the moment things, long after you have forgotten everything.  It will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and she will captures the beauty of the day with beguiling precision.  She knows how to present you with images that touches your heart and everyone who views it becomes a changed person for having viewed it. 

Krystle is one of the best Christchurch photographers in New Zealand and loves to travel throughout New Zealand and the world.  Your wedding will be over in the blink of any eye but the image that is captured is impossible to reproduce, as it is something that happened in the moment when it is most unexpected.

3. Bethany Howarth Photography

Christchurch wedding photographers

Beth from Bethany Howarth Photography is one of the best Christchurch photographers in New Zealand and has been highly awarded for her work by one of US’s wedding blog. She loves capturing magical spontaneous moments that comes out of the blue. Just remember that images have the power to convey a plethora of emotions, so be yourself, be lost in the moment, be silly, be fun, be anything you want to be and let Beth do what she is best at. 

She prides herself in delivering images captured in laid back, unposed moments are taken with beautiful backdrops and in just the right lighting to give you photos that will be envied by many. The rarest of moments, the tender look of love between two people, the romance that surrounds you and the location you have chosen to hold your wedding.  Beth can turn an ordinary place into an extraordinary place with her very artistic and creative eyes.  She will present you with memories of your wedding day in images that will retain their strength and impact over your lifetime and beyond. Images that capture an instant of your magical day that did not exist before and that cannot be recreated after. 

4. Kirsten J Photography

Christchurch wedding photographers

Kirsten from Kirsten J Photography goes the extra mile to achieve what you have envisioned for the joining of a relationship that is so special to the two of you. Her ultimate goal is to help you revisit those magical moments with extreme joy for years to come. 

As we know, your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye and you would have missed out on many fond and unexpected moments that had taken place during the day without your knowledge.  Your fairy tale album will be filled with images that show the true joy and happiness that has shone through on your big day.  Images of friends and relatives celebrating the joy of two special people coming together to live a life together forever, captured in an unobtrusive way and turned into an art form that would be treasured forever. 

Kirsten is regarded as one of the best Christchurch photographers in New Zealand.  She works out of Christchurch but will travel to any destination in the South Island, as well as any destination of your dreams.  This certainly would be her honour – to be able to partake in your most special day in an epic adventure, anywhere and at any time.

5. Susannah Blatchford Photography

Christchurch wedding photographers

The type of photography that Susie from Susannah Blatchford Photography offers is suitable for those couples that allow things to unfold throughout the day and yet does not mind a bit of direction here and there.  Her style is a mix of creativity and filmmaking.  Capturing moments as they happen in the rawest form and in the most unexpected circumstances allows for images that will allow you to relive a day that passes away so quickly.  

Your wedding day goes in a flash and you will find that you did not have time to take in everything that has occurred, as you were too busy mixing with friends and relatives and being your true self without a worry in the world.  Just leave the rest up to Susie, as she will make herself inconspicuous whilst she is here, there and everywhere doing what she does best, capturing memories for you in its truest form.  

Susie has shot weddings in UK and Europe.   She specialises in both big and small weddings as well as destination weddings in remote outback areas.  You will be presented with an artfully documented memoir of your wedding day to treasure forever.

6. Nicole Gourley

Christchurch wedding photographers

Nicole Gourley loves people and she loves photographing couples on the most romantic day of their lives.   Nicole is one of the best photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand where she is based.  Her background in photojournalism allows her to capture your special day as it unfolds in a storytelling way.  Photos are just photos but the photos that Nicole takes actually possess the magic in them that they actually speak to you. You can feel the presence of everyone as if you were there with them.  You can experience the laughter, the joy, the tears and the celebrations throughout the day.  They actually speak to you even if you yourself are not there in the image.  This is how good her work.

Nicole loves people, food, weddings, celebrations and travel.  Although she works out of Christchurch, she will travel to any destination on request.

7. Whimsical Wedding Photography

Charmayne O’Connor, the owner of Whimsical Wedding Photography is one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand.  She is based here but will travel throughout New Zealand and Australia on request.

You will feel at ease with her relaxed and laid-back way.  She will document your fairy tale day as it unfolds in her artistic and romantic way.  She will capture the very raw moments of love between two people.  She will capture the real you, things that happen in the moment, the spontaneous moments of happiness, tears and joy and whatever takes place worth capturing in such a conspicuous way that you will not even know that she is there.  This is her passion, her joy and pride.  

A photo is a photo till Nicole came along.  She will put such magic in that photo that you can actually live the moment over and over again like a live play.  You can relax and be yourself and let Nicole do what she is good at, capturing moments in time as it unfolds.  She is someone who is in love with love, a hopeless romantic who will turn your wedding day into a fairy tale with whimsical images that you can relive over and over again,

8. Stanley Pictures

Jacob is the owner of Stanley Pictures and is one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

He is a professional who will make you very comfortable with his presence.  He is passionate about his work and loves to scout for great, lesser-known locations and shoot in dappled light or golden rays.  He knows that photos speak a thousand words and he will endeavour to ensure that you get all the photos that you dreamed of and more.  He will take the time to get to know the real you so that he can showcase your true love for each other on your very special wedding day.  

Jacob will immortalise your wedding day with artistic, romantic and in the moment images that you will treasure forever, long after your wedding day is over.  Just be yourself and let Jacob put his magic into practice.

9. Joseph O’Sullivan

Joseph O’Sullivan is regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand where he is based.  He will, however, travel throughout New Zealand on request.  He presents well, is easy to get along with and he makes everyone feel at ease with his presence and yet is in command of the moment.  He really knows how to work the crowd without being obtrusive.

With his talent and creativity, he loves to capture all the emotions of the day as it unfolds through images in a storytelling way.  His work is authentic and real, yet romantic, elegant and soulful.  Joseph will go above and beyond to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch and is a dream to work with.

Joseph likes to work with light as it transforms an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one and he pays meticulous attention to his editing. 

Your wedding day will be over with the blink of an eye but timeless images Joseph will present you with images that will allow you to relive this day forever.  Just be yourself and put your trust in him and his talent.  He is so passionate about his work that you will have no regrets in allowing him to do what he does best.

10. Pip and Oz

Pip and Oz is a married couple that moved to New Zealand in 2003 and they are passionate about wedding photography.  They are well regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They love to travel and scout amazing sites in picturesque New Zealand.

Pip and Oz have travelled extensively throughout the world and have photographed weddings in the US and Rarotonga.  They love destination weddings and will travel anywhere without hesitation.  Their style is timeless, fun-loving and delves into the real emotions of the day.

Being a twosome has its advantages such as capturing and documenting your wedding from different views and angles and it also permits them to be in two places at the same time.

Pip and Oz will go above and beyond their duty to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch.  They will get to know you before your wedding and draw up a timeline for your wedding day. This way, they can ensure that everything goes according to plan and nothing that is important to you is left out.  It will assist them to present you with an everlasting memory of your special day.


Highly Commended Christchurch Wedding Photographers

There are also a number of wonderful photographers who didn’t quite make it into our top ten list of Christchurch wedding photographers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing photographers who do fantastic work. So check out this list of other wedding photographers in Christchurch that might just be perfect for you and your wedding.

Tegan Johnson Photography

Tegan Johnson has been capturing story-telling weddings since 2014.  She is very much into working with the golden evening light as the colours make for an epic wedding photoshoot.  Not only is Tegan passionate about photography but she is also passionate about people.

Megan makes it a point to meet with you beforehand to work out a timeline and your expectations for the day.  This will ensure that you are free to enjoy your wedding day and trust her to fulfil her part of the bargain in capturing and telling your love story as the day unfolds.

Megan is known as one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Her approach to shooting weddings is to document the day as naturally and candidly as possible and to make the day real and honest.  Shooting candidly allows you to relax and be yourselves and allows her to capture the spontaneous unspoken moments. 

As every wedding and every couple is different, Megan would like her photos to reflect this. So be yourself, have fun, be silly, be anything but do not be stressed.  Let Megan worry about everything else, as she loves to capture the true emotions of the day.  Let there be laughter, tears and joy and allow silly instantaneous moments to shine through.  This is what makes your day truly shine.

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