Top Ten Wedding Photographers in Auckland

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Top Ten Best Auckland Wedding Photographers

Are you searching the internet to find the best wedding photographers in Auckland New Zealand? Well, you have come to the right place. We are passionate professionals who absolutely love wedding photography and we have found the very best Auckland wedding photographers who just might be perfect for your wedding day.

Choosing an awesome Auckland wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you have to make on your crazy wedding journey. Your wedding photos may be the only tangible memory from your wedding day. So it is so important to choose a wedding photographer who will not only take amazing photos but also give you a photography experience that is friendly, professional, and just plain amazing.

So here is our list of the best Auckland wedding photographers. And please remember that Auckland wedding photographers all have different styles and personalities. So choose someone whose style, vision, and personality match yours. Not every photographer is the right fit for every couple. Have a look through their portfolio, study their work and stalk them a bit on social media and see if you might be a good fit. But this list of the best Auckland wedding photographers should get you well on your way to an amazing wedding day!!

1 – Jessica Photography

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Jessica Higueras is an Auckland-based photographer. She was born in Lima, Peru, and spent a couple of years living in Mexico and Guatemala. She completed her Photography studies with Mel Philips School of Photography, from where she graduated with honours.

Jessica specialized in wedding, fashion, and portrait photography. Her style is perceived as both natural and unintrusive. At the same time, she is always highly regarded for being super-patient in her effort to catch the perfect moment. Furthermore, her special touch is profoundly influenced by her enhanced sense of aesthetics, as well as her Peruvian roots. Her massive portfolio stands witness to her professionalism and all that she stands for as an artist and person. 

Her dedication and passion have brought her numerous awards. Some of her most notable awards include a scholarship in LA from NZIPP, numerous KODAK gold awards, and the Wedding Album Golden Awards. 

2. Chasewild

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Cameron Thorp and James Broadbent are New Zealand photographers. Both are known for their ability to capture emotion and beauty in every photo session. Once you browse through their portfolio, it is easy to understand their imprint and what they bring to the table. After you are done browsing their portfolio, you will recognize any of their photos whenever you see them.

Cameron and James are on every list of top wedding photographers in New Zealand that have won numerous photography awards, such as the Best of the Best Wedding Photography 2017, Best of the Best Destination Photography 2017, and Best of the Best Wedding Photography 2016.

Furthermore, they have been asked to be judges and speakers on numerous photography competitions and events. Some of their most prominent appearances on those events include the Burn Workshop (Ireland 2016), Masters of Wedding Photography (UK 2018), WRKSHP (New York 2018), EXPSD Adventures Workshop (Australia 2019), 12 x Chasewild Workshops – NZ, Aus and London, and others. 

3. Wild and Grace

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Olga and Katherine make the dynamic duo specialized in wedding and engagement photography. They are based in Auckland and Northland, but they are not limited to that area as they are open to traveling to other places in New Zealand. 

Olga owns a degree in visual design and has worked for over five years in some of the best design studios in Europe and Zealand. She waited until 2010 to get away from her corporate job and focused on her passion- photography. 

Before immersing into the beautiful world of photography, Katherine worked in marketing, advertising, and economics. It was 2012 when she decided that she can truly express herself through photography. Her immense passion for photography helped her become a project manager and head photographer at the online journal Papaya Stories. 

Olga and Katherine are considered one of the most versatile storytellers whose photos are always original in capturing the love between two people.

4. Samatha Donaldson

If you value a combination of aesthetics, emotion, and authenticity, then Samantha Donaldson should be your top pick. Samantha excels in those three categories and can visualize your love story originally and creatively.

Samantha is an Auckland based professional wedding photographer that also considers herself a lifestyle photographer, meaning she photographs families, portraits, newborns, and even small businesses. 

Samantha has been working as a professional photographer for more than seven years. During that period, she photographed weddings all over New Zealand and in different parts of the world. Samantha is always open about photography opportunities that can take her on a new adventure.

So far, Samantha has been featured on LooksLikeFilm, Junebug Weddings, the Curator, the Together Journal, and so on. Samantha, aka Sammy, lives on the Pohutakawa Coast with her husband and her children but can be often found in Whangamata, a town that she calls her second home. 

5. Hollow & Co

Tom Hollow is an Auckland based wedding photographer and videographer. He is the beating heart and soul of Hollow & Co. He and his team of creatives have captured over 150 weddings in New Zealand and abroad. 

Before settling in New Zealand, Tom lived in the USA, where he worked alongside some of the world’s most prominent productions, marketing agencies, brands, and TV networks. There he operated his photography studio for three years, and it is where he discovered his true passion for storytelling. That’s something that he brought in New Zealand and has been his work trademark for more than eight years. 

His aim is always candid, relaxed, and emotional moments of authenticity. His mastery lays in exactly that, to capture those special moments and turn them into tangible memories. Tom has been featured in the Together Journal, Wild Hearts, and the Curator. He is also an AW member.

6. Levien Photography

Olga Levien is an award-winning wedding photographer based in West Auckland, New Zealand. She was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After meeting her husband Matt in Europe, they moved to New Zealand, where they work and reside presently. 

Olga’s style revolves around her keen eye to capture untamed, romantic, and emotional moments. Her only demand is to be yourself and enjoy yourself. She promises to capture the moments you cherish the most, which will leave the longest impression on you and the ones you love. Olga’s husband, Matt, also shares her passion for photography and works alongside her to make every photo session memorable.

Her extensive list of accolades includes Rangefinder Contest Winner, International Contest Winner, Editor’s Choice 2016-2018, Best of the Best Destination by Junebug Weddings, top 10 New Zealand wedding photographers by Junebug Weddings, multiple NZIPP Iris Awards, Spotlight finalist in Family Portrait category by Phlock’20, and many others. 

7. Adam Popovic Photography

Adam Popovich is a professional New Zealand wedding photographer since 2013. Adam also doubles in food, corporate, family, and portrait photography. Furthermore, he is very passionate about creating art prints found in art galleries all over New Zealand. 

His work is described as a blend of creativity and authenticity while always looking for special moments of love, tenderness, and even humor. His extensive portfolio witnesses his timeless style and professional approach to wedding photography. 

Adam’s reputation across New Zealand is impeccable. He is often listed on many lists as one of the best wedding photographers in the country. Adam is one of the few photographers who offer a free, introductory photo session for his new clients. That’s his way of forming a relationship with his clients and something that he will use later during the ceremony to get the best possible photos. 

8 Misi Chan Photography

Romantic, natural, and candid! That’s how Misi Chan’s photography is described by both her friends and clients. This Auckland based wedding photographer is about being there to capture all the best moments of your wedding, and she won’t take any rest until she got bagged all that with her camera.

This unpretentious and easy-going photographer is serious only when it comes to her art and being there to memorize your best moments of the best day of your life. She is a master of both inside and outside photography. 

Misi’s light touch and sense of easiness are felt throughout her entire extensive portfolio. Just by watching her work is easy to relive the energy of the event and what made that day so special. So it is no wonder that she receives five-star reviews and praises for every wedding session she has ever worked on almost by default.

9 Peter Letu

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Peter Letu is a professional wedding photographer in Auckland, New Zealand. His artistic flair and professionalism are displayed every time he is hired to photograph a wedding.

Peter is part of the photography world since he was six years old when he got his first camera. Armed with a LOMO film camera, the little photographer showed that he has a keen eye and a particular sharpness to capture the essence of things. At the earliest age, Peter was heavily influenced by his grandfather, that was also a photographer and was developing family portraits.

Peter’s style is described as fresh, dynamic, and very professional. He possesses a deep understanding of studio and ambient light, which is a big part of his professional persona. Additionally, he excels in his use of contemporary digital retouching. At the same time, he manages to keep his photos natural and realistic.

Today, Peter Letu is a pro member of both “MY WED” and “Fearless Photographers.”

10. Evermore Photography

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Gina is a passionate wedding photographer from Auckland, New Zealand. For more than ten years, she has been capturing moments of joy and happiness for wedding couples across New Zealand.

For her, every photography comes with some emotion attached to it. Her camera feels like an extension of her body, and she takes pictures with the utmost elegance. At the same time, she knows how to get everyone together for that big wedding photo. 

Gina started taking photos at her earliest age and has never stopped since then. The passion that she had back then still runs through her veins every time she stands behind her camera. The only difference is that today she is one of the most professional wedding photographers in Auckland. 

Her passion reflects in her extensive portfolio, whereas her exceptional professionalism can be best comprehended through the testimony of those that had hired her to photograph the most important day of their lives.

Highly Commended Auckland Wedding Photographers

There are also a number of wonderful photographers who didn’t quite make it into our top ten list of Auckland wedding photographers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing photographers who do fantastic work. So check out this list of other wedding photographers in Auckland that might just be perfect for you and your wedding.

Perspectives Photo & Cinema

If you are looking for some totally epic and cinematic wedding photographers then it is hard to go past Perspectives Photo & Cinema.

This team of five people has been shooting and filming weddings for over ten years and has over one thousand weddings under their belts.

They describe their style as laid-back, natural, relaxed, and fun. And a quick look through their portfolio will show you how well they can see light and compose some of the most stunning wedding images.