This is a passion project.

We are lovers of great wedding photographers and the art they produce.

As former wedding photographers, we know how hard and demanding the work is. And we want to showcase some of our favorites as well as showcase new talent.

Our goal is to show off the very best wedding photography from around the world. And showcase the best photographers from each region.

Top Ten Wedding Photographers is a passion project which started out because of our love for amazing wedding photography. There are so many talented photographers out there that just don’t get the recognition or attention that they deserve.

Engaged Couples can easily find the best photographers for their wedding. By listing the very best photographers from each region, we hope to give couples the best options available for their wedding photography.

Wedding Photographers have the opportunity to be seen by real couples looking for wedding photographers. Unlike other wedding photography websites, this site is aimed at couples, not photographers. Our goal is to appear on the first page of Google so that your work can be seen by couples from all over the world. So join us and be found by couples looking for the best photographers in the world.