Top Ten Wedding Photographers

Showcasing the Worlds Best Wedding Photographers

We have searched the world for the best wedding photographers from every part of the globe. Top Ten wedding photographers are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of wedding photography and the amazing photographers behind the lens.

Wedding photography is one of the most amazing art forms and wedding photographers are one of the most important vendors you need for your wedding. A professional wedding photographer is one of the most difficult niches to photograph. A wedding photographer needs to wear a lot of different hats on a wedding day. They need to be a photojournalist, a fashion photographer, a family photographer, a kids photographer, a product photographer, a commercial photographer, a landscape photographer and probably many many more. 

They need to be able to photograph an event in very unpredictable situations, locations and lighting conditions. They be must adapt to different lighting scenarios… the darkest of churches, the brightest of beaches or the cloudiest mountain settings. Weddings happen on the hottest of days and the wettest of day and a wedding photographer has to be able to adapt and be flexible. And a wedding photographer needs to have a personality that will relax couples and organise large group photos and still be professional and friendly.

So who are the top ten wedding photographers?? We have listed the top ten photographers for each country, but we have also listed the top ten for each region of the country. That way you can choose amazing photographers in your city and you won’t need to pay for any additional travel fees.

Worlds Best Wedding Photography

Best Wedding Photographer in the World

How do you choose the best wedding photographers in the world? Is it the person with the most experience? The photographer who charges the most? The wedding photographer who has the most instagram followers? Or the photographer who has won the most awards?

First of all, let me say that even the best wedding photographer in the world may not be the right photographer for you and your wedding. Wedding photographers all have very different styles, personalities and abilities. So it is important to choose a photographer who work, style and personality work with yours. It’s no good to hire the best wedding photographer in the world if style of photos is not what you like, or if the experience of getting your photos taken was a terrible one.


New Zealand

Top Ten New Zealand Wedding Photographers



Top Ten Wellington Wedding photographers

Choose an amazing photographer, with experience and artistic ability. They are one of the most important vendors you will choose. Your wedding photos are not just some photos for you. They are a family heirloom that you will show your kids and they will show their kids. The wedding photos may be the only tangible record of your wedding day. So choose someone amazing.

Don’t choose the cheapest photographer out there as you will most likely be very disapointed. 

Wedding photography is an artform and artforms are very subjective. Therefore not every top ten wedding photographer is perfect for your wedding. It is important that couples to choose a photographer whose style suits their own personal style and vision. 

Wedding photographers shoot in totally different styles and techniques. Some will be more candid, some will direct and pose couples more. And some will create beautiful pieces of art which can take time to set up with lights, reflectors etc. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There are just different ways of creating images. You could hire the best photographer in the world and still be unhappy with the photos if their artistic vision didn’t match yours. 

“Top Ten Wedding Photographers” is not responsible for the contract you ultimately sign with them, or for how your wedding goes on the day. That’s between you and the photography business. So our personal advice is to make sure you do your due diligence when looking for a wedding photographer. Ask lots of questions and get everything in writing. Check out their socials, read their reviews and make sure your personalities click.